ITQAN Online Academy

For teaching the Holy Quran and its sciences

About ITQAN Academy

Academy Mission

Teaching Quran  in its broadest sense, which includes teaching Tajwid (rules for correct pronunciation), recitation, Hafiz (memorization), Tafsir (interpretation), Tadabbur (contemplation), and application of these precepts and concepts practically. Surely, the learning process will be carried out in the best educational and pedagogical methods.

Academy Vision

Excellence in teaching Holy Quran , and creativity in instilling its values in all types of the society by outstanding cadres, high quality programs, and a stimulating environment through modern technology.

Academy objectives

  • Aiming to be a pioneering and ideal quranic platform in all fields related to teaching Holy Quran.
  • Teaching Quran in its broadest sense through the best plans and programs, and applying its precepts and concepts practically.
  • Developing a deep relationship with Quran.
  • Graduating learners who acquire Quran morals every year.
  • Providing the latest educational tools and using modern technology.
  • Creating an encouraging Quranic environment that attracts male and female students, teachers, and supervisors.
  • Looking to the reward. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it” Narrated by Al-Bukhari.
ITQAN Online Academy

General Supervisor

Osama Saud Abdullah Al-Tamimi

Management Team

Abdul-Sastir Mansour
Ayed bin Nasser Al-Qahtani
Abdul Rahman bin Marzouq Al-Otaibi
Rushdi Mahmoud Al-Sharaki
Ibrahim bin Abdul Mohsen belt

Organizational Structure of the Women's Section

General Supervisor

Ms. Rasha Fares

Assistants of the General Supervisor
Ms. Rakia al-Qasim
Ms.  Zamzam Abdul Rahman

General Supervisor of the First Section

Ms.  Hissah Aldaoud

General Supervisor of the Second Section

Ms.  Sabbah Iffat

General Supervisor of the Third Section
Ms.  Lubna

The Academy in Numbers




Male and female teachers


Male and female supervisors


Quranic courses and programs


Memorization and recitation plan

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